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We provide nothing less than quality and honest professional advice…

At Overhead Glazing, our goal is to provide top-quality rooflights and custom glazing solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of your project.

We are dedicated to offering honest professional guidance, and our expert installation team ensures a high-quality finish that reflects your vision perfectly.

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Why Us

Reasons to choose us

Bespoke Glazing Solutions

Whether you need a custom flat rooflight or architectural glazing that demands detailed design and engineering, we can provide tailored glazing solutions for homeowners, contractors, and specifiers.


Aluminium Frames 
10 years against frames discolouration, warping or splits

Sealed Units 
10 years against sealed unit failure including condensation inside of the unit

NiS Breakage
Nickel Sulphide Inclusion is an uncommon but recognized anomaly in glass manufacturing. Unfortunately, no glazier processors or suppliers can offer a warranty against breakages caused by this phenomenon. As a result, Overhead Glazing is unable to provide any warranty to our customers. However, most home insurance policies do cover spontaneous breakage. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to ensure you are covered.

Fast Lead Time

From 3 weeks
we have full control over the time and quality of the production process and finished product

Standard rooflight (3 weeks)
Oversize rooflights (4 – 6 weeks)


Part Q – Building Regulation
All our rooflights come with laminated glass as standard

Toughened Safety Glass
All our rooflights come with Toughened safety glass

Heat Soak Tested – BS EN 14179-1
All our toughened glass panels are heat soak tested to minimise glass breakage due to Nic by 95%

Skilled Team

Our installation team are fully trained in all specifics of our comprehensive range of products and systems, and qualified up to the industry standards.


We have carried out supply and installation projects across the UK such as Scotland, Northampton, Nottingham, Brighton, Cheltenham, Cornwall and many more..

Over Head Glazing

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If you need free technical advice or want to discuss a new project, please reach out to our technical team at 0208 0500 600. For a quote, we recommend contacting us through our online form

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