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Do you want to add a modern look to your home but are confused between Rooflights and Skylights?

Don’t worry with years of experience in this business we got you covered.

There is always confusion among the householders in distinguishing the terms Rooflights and Skylights. Usually, these terms are used interchangeably and create disarray among property holders in choosing the one suitable for their homes. People are unaware of the technical difference between the two. Although these roof windows have their differences, the objective of installing each is the same i.e. to get natural light in the interior of your house.

The presence of natural light in the home creates soothing and tranquil surroundings that have a strong impact on the mental well-being of occupants. It also conserves a lot of useful energy and provides benefits in many other ways. This guidance is designed for you to have a better understanding, of the difference between rooflights and skylights, and to choose the perfect match according to your needs.


On a flat roof, a Rooflight is attributed to a glazed section that is fitted within the flat roof or installed on the pitched surface and fitted out of the plane with the level of tiling. They are typically mounted flush with the surface. When fixed roof windows are fitted on flat roofs, an upstand or kerb system is usually used to provide a weatherproof surface and to enable a certain height for water to run off. They may require minimal framing and waterproofing. Rooflights offer natural light as well as ventilation access and are available in a variety of designs and styles facilitating its users. They may include characteristics like insulation joints or heat-reflective coatings.

What is a Skylight?

They point to windows that are installed on conventional pitched roofs along with large bespoke glazed sections made to be fitted onto flat roofs and terraces. Setup of skylights may entail additional framing and waterproofing to incorporate them into the roof structure. They are often established with electric motors to offer ventilation to the interior. Skylights are the glazed sections that have a variety depending on the type of roofs they are to be arranged on. They are produced in a variety of styles in order to meet the requirements of many householders. They can be fixed or operable and designed to open for ventilation objectives and to be a roof terrace.


They bring natural light into the interior of our homes creating a captivating environment. It improves sustainability and proposes various benefits.

Lessens our reliance on artificial light, thus conserving useful energy. Results in the increment of indoor aesthetics and building a connection with the outdoors in a decent manner. Increases our productivity, visual comfort and improves health Improved ventilation.

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When it comes to these products, there is a wide variety of them to meet the needs of the customers and to make it easy for them to choose the product that suits them. The most demanding designs are.

Fixed Rooflights:

These rooflights are permanently fixed into the roof and are not made to open or close. It is not used for ventilation or access purposes. These are basically used in those places where getting in natural light is the prime objective rather than fresh air or ventilation. They may be used in stairwells, atrium, and large open living areas. This modern design can be used to suit the requirements of any building.

Modular Rooflights:

These rooflights are designed with copious panels or modules tailored together to build a larger glazed surface on the roof. These are typically styled for efficient installation, maintenance, and quick assembly and disassembly. These are devised to fit together flawlessly resulting in the formulation of variety of configurations and sizes. They require less on-site assembly.

Circular Rooflights:

These are aesthetically styled roof windows that are designed circular in shape. They offer a distinctive architectural appeal because of their bespoke shape adding visually striking elements to the building which serves as a focal point. Circular rooflights are usually installed on flat or pitched roofs.

Walk-on Rooflights:

are specially designed rooflights also known as roof terraces that are formulated to allow strollers or pedestrians to have access to the roof but still filtering natural light into the interior below. They have the structural strength to resist the weight of people walking on them. Walk-on rooflights make a place captivating with abundance of natural light.

Custom Rooflights:

Custom rooflights can be made in any structure, size, and design to meet the needs of the house owners. They can be fitted on flat or pitched roofs. These have bespoke designs formulated by taking in view of the requirements of any certain building. These solutions unlock new dimensions of creativity and functionality.


Another main part is choosing the materials from which these roof windows are made. These materials can be glass or polycarbonate but you have to choose one according to your needs. Glass is a more conventional option that provides a contemporary aesthetic appeal and provides a number of various benefits such as laminated glass is very safe and the feature choosing the type of glazing. Glass provides better insulation than polycarbonate and has low maintenance. Polycarbonate is budget-friendly, has greater strength, low in weight and provide protection from UV rays.

If you want any future information about rooflights and skylights, please get in touch with us. We are available to assist you in any of your requirements.