Technical Information

TECHNICAL Information

It is important to us that our customers purchase with confidence. Our extensive technical section offers our customers a wealth of technical knowledge designed to do just that.

Throughout the years we have continued to develop and improve our products. Our extensive knowledge, expertise and attention to quality has defined us as a market leader in rooflight technology and products.

We aim to be professional and helpful at all times. Therefore, we are always available to discuss any technical issues or any other related concerns with our customers.

Technical drawings (opposite) are available for download for each of our rooflight products and provide the necessary upstand / installation information required.

If you have any questions and would prefer to speak with one of our technical team please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 0500 600. We’ll be happy to help.

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Overhead Glazing roof lights are created by combining high performance double glazed glass units with world class structural silicone glazing techniques – a solution which guarantees that the space beneath an installed Overhead Glazing rooflight is bathed in the maximum amount of natural light available.

Our structural silicone glazed rooflight requires no internal hip or ridge framework to support the glass and there is no requirement for a clunky connecting support boss. Not only does our rooflight product look stunning, but with less internal framework our product by comparison to a slim profiled lantern has significantly higher resistance to condensation.

Structural silicone glazing is a method utilising a silicone adhesive to attach glass to metal. Wind loads and other loads such as snow and impact loads, are transferred from the glass through the structural silicone adhesive to the perimeter frame of the rooflight and from there onto the structure of the building. It is absolutely imperative for the long term performance of any rooflight constructed in this manner, that the silicone bond maintains its adhesive and cohesive integrity, which will be tested to extremes by wind load and thermal stresses throughout its service life.

Weatherproofing silicones for example, should never be used as structural adhesives. They have low tensile strength, so when subjected to very high wind loads, specifically suction load, there is the potential for silicone joint failure and consequently loss of rooflight integrity.




The Overhead Glazing rooflights product range incorporates double glazed safety glass units that are manufactured to BS EN 1279 – Insulating glass units and BS EN12150 – Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass. The double glazed units in every rooflight we produce have a centre pane U value of 1.1W/m2K. Our structurally bonded rooflight products incorporate double glazed units that feature three thermal components namely a low E coating, an argon gas cavity and a perimeter manufactured with a warm edge spacer bar.

For more information and benefits of these three components, click on the button below:

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A transparent protective treatment for skylights and rooflights. The once only application lasts years, cuts cleaning time and keep glass looking cleaner for longer between cleans. Untreated glass is porous and as a result it absorbs contaminants which can lead to deterioration and discoloration, making it more and more difficult to clean overtime.


  • Cuts cleaning time and assists to reduce cleaning frequency
  • Low maintenance & superior protection against staining
  • Suitable for new and existing surfaces
  • Revitalizer products not required
  • UV stable & eco friendly


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