Circular Rooflight


Round Double Glazed Rooflight


The flush glaze design of our rooflights & skylights allows the maximum possible amount of natural daylight while the visible framework is minimised, resulting in a product that offers the best in both form and function.


At Overhead Glazing with take quality and safety very seriously.

All our rooflights and skylights come with LAMINATED glass as standard.

The outer pane glass is toughened and HEATSOAKED safety glass to prevent spontaneous glass breakage.

Circular rooflight by Overhead Glazing

Glass specification

For our standard circular rooflights, the glass specification is as follows:

Outer: 6mm Heat Soak Tested Toughened
Cavity: Argon Filled
Inner: Low-E Laminated inner

How do the Sizes Work?

Our standard rooflights takes its measurements from the external weathered kerb dimension. This will allow you to construct the upstand to your desired width.

Simple Installation

Our rooflights are pre-bonded and pre-glazed in our factory and ready for installation – it’s as simple as putting a lid on a box.

Please follow our installation guide for safe and easy installation .

Rooflight upstand

Rooflight Drawings

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