Flat Roof lights

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Our flat roof lights are An aesthetically-pleasing and effective daylighting solution for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Product Overview

 Our Shop contains our range of flat, rectangular Standard Rooflight panels, precision engineered in our factory in specific sizes. These can be ordered online, for delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Standard flat roof lights have a pre-determined glass specification, frame colour and drawing. The drawings are available for download to enable you to construct the upstand correctly.

The glass load calculations have been pre-determined and thermal break frames ensure excellent overall U-value. The glass is pre-bonded to the frame in our factory for easy on site installation.

Key Features


  • Double glazed safety glass units that are manufactured to BS EN 1279.
  • Framed flat roof lights with thermally broken aluminium frame.
  • Marine grade powder coated.
  • Decorative black border which protects the glass seals from UV damage.
  • Compatible with both flat and pitched roofs.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Install and survey services.
  • Fast lead time.
  • Best flat roof lights

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Aluminium Framed Rooflight

Price Guarantee


We pride ourselves on offering our customers the very best product and prices… guaranteed!

In the unusual case that another online manufacturer is offering the same exact flat roof lights at a lower price and sold with the same glass specification, we not only match the price, we’ll even refund you an additional 10% of the difference.

Our price guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions set out here.

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Call or email us for a quote or simply order online. We only need the finished weathered external kerb size, the type of Rooflight and the glass specification required to process an order.

Our flat roof lights are designed to be installed onto a kerb up-stand. This kerb should be a minimum of 150mm high to negate water ingress and should be level in one plane. The top of the kerb should be an angled plane to provide a pitch in order to help shed water from the glass and the kerb needs to be weathered.

Generally, we recommend that the kerbs be at least 75mm thick. This is in order to properly support the rooflight frame and to adequately hide the frame from view from below. The aesthetic principle is that when you look up, all you see is glass. Thicker kerbs are fine, but the thinner the kerb the more frame you are likely see from below. Always get the suitability of the kerb accessed by a building professional before installing the flat roof lights; it must be robust enough to easily take the weight of the flat roof lights as well as any other loads imposed by wind or snow, for example.

The flat roof lights will be delivered on a flatbed vehicle and it will need to be unloaded by you or your builder on site.

Please ask at quote stage how heavy the unit is likely to be. It should be unwrapped and inspected as soon as it is delivered, as any defects or damage should be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery.

flat roof lights are designed to be installed on a kerb up-stand. Two rows of Butyl weather sealing tape are delivered with the Rooflight and these are placed on top of the kerb. The flat roof lights is bedded onto the weather seals and fixing screws are then driven into the kerb through the fixing flange that hangs down and flashes the kerb. The fixings are also delivered with theflat roof lights.

Yes. Please email us with your enquiry and our team will happily assist you through your project.

Bespoke Glazing

Your project may require a unique glazing feature such as a very large or irregularly shaped pattern Flat Rooflight or an Eaves glazing and perhaps a Circular shaped rooflight.

Overhead Glazing designs and manufactures bespoke rooflight solutions to meet the specific requirements of property owners, architects and the building trade.

Our Technical Specification team have years of expertise designing and specifying bespoke roof glazing configurations to recommend the perfect solution to define and realise your architectural vision.

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