Bespoke flush glaze round circular rooflight

Circular rooflight


Circular roof openings, with a cylindrical shaft to ceiling level, stream a dramatic column of daylight into the space below. Our bespoke Circular Rooflight, made to your precise size and shape specifications, is the perfect unit with which to achieve this effect.

From below, with its ‘frameless’ interior view, the Circular Rooflight gives the illusion of a light-filled hole, open to the sky above. This is a  standalone unit, and is mounted to an upstand in the normal way.


  • Welded Aluminium frame
  • Powder Coated
  • Decorative black band around the glass edge
  • No visible internal framework
  • No external capping

Circular rooflight by Overhead Glazing


Each and every project is unique, requiring specialist design, planning and specification to achieve the visual impact and performance required.

Defining the glazing style is a key step within our end-to-end process which starts with an Initial Project Consultation, to ensure we understand the project requirements and are able to provide you with the right glazing solutions.

Bespoke Round Rooflight manufacturer – Overhead Glazing


In addition to the design of your specialist glazing, we can manufacture your bespoke Circular Rooflights using a range of custom glass products with specialist specifications. These let you meet the requirements of almost any application. Options include double glazed units in:

  • Clear glass
  • Ultra clear (low iron)
  • Solar control SN70/35 glass
  • Active Blue glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Acoustic glass

Circular Rooflight


For property owners, architects, builders and roofers who simply require precision engineered flat rooflight panels, our Shop contains a range of  practical and popular sizes, available to order.

We have made it quick and easy to order, and enabling you to get on immediately with construction of the upstand, this general use, aluminium framed rooflight offers a clean exterior profile and a ‘frame-free’ interior that gives an unobstructed interior view.

Frameless circular round skylight rooflight by overhead glazing

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