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Bespoke Modular Rooflight

Any Size Any Shape Frameless design UK Manufactured

Product Overview

Custom Modular Rooflight

For customers in need of larger rooflights that exceed the size limit of a single pane of glass, we offer modular rooflights.

These rooflights are made up of multiple panels or modules that can be assembled to create a larger skylight.

Structural Silicone Seal Joint
Wall abutted
Custom design
Solar Control Glass

Rooflight Feature

Bespoke modular rooflights can be designed in various sizes and shapes to fit the specific requirements of a building


  • Unlimited length
  • Frameless design (suitable for widths of up to 2 meters)
  • Wide range of glass specification
  • Cost effective solution Vs large single units
  • Easier to transport and install Vs large units

Benefits Of Modular Rooflight

Our Bespoke Modular Rooflight is perfect for creating a flat rooflight over a large opening. This customizable solution eliminates the difficulties of transporting and installing single-piece rooflights in small spaces.

By dividing larger rooflight designs into modular parts, it becomes easier and more cost-effective to fabricate, transport, and install them.

Why Choose Custom Modular Rooflights?

Custom modular rooflights are designed to fit the exact specification of your building, including size, shape and design.

The modular option also enables the glazing to be divided into smaller panes, resulting in lighter units. This can lower manufacturing and installation costs in many cases.

Other Types Of Rooflight

We have 6 style of rooflights. In almost all cases, bespoke orders are made by constructing one of these to the specifications of your project.

Fixed Custom Rooflights

These non-opening roof windows are ideal for spaces where ventilation is not the prime purpose of installation, offering an unobtrusive solution for enlightening interior spaces.

Walk-on Rooflights

These work as a stunning feature providing access to rooftop areas, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.

Eaves Rooflights

A continuous glazing of a vertical and horizontal (‘roof’) opening also known as “Up and Over” Rooflights,

Circular Rooflights

Made to the precise diameter of your upstand, our Circular Rooflight pours a column of sunlight down a cylindrical light shaft into the room below.

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As each project is bespoke, you may find the exact configuration you are looking for isn’t featured within our gallery.

Our Technical Specification team have years of expertise designing and specifying bespoke roof glazing configurations to recommend the perfect solution to define and realise your architectural vision.

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