Ridge Rooflight

Ridge Rooflight


Ridge Rooflight is a custom rooflight, glazed on both returns and precision built to straddle the ridge of your roof, matching its angle of pitch precisely.

With no framework visible from inside, the Ridge Rooflight effec- tively cuts a chunk out of the roof ridge and replaces it with glass, allowing daylight to continue to stream in uninterrupted as the sun rolls over from one side of the building to the other.

On each pitch of the roof, the Ridge Rooflight is fixed to a structur- al kerb on three sides.

Ridge Rooflight

Customisable Finishes

In addition to the design of your specialist glazing, we can manufacture your bespoke Ridge Rooflight using a range of custom glass products with specialist specifications. These let you meet the requirements of almost any application. Options include double glazed units in:

  • Clear glass
  • Ultra clear (low iron)
  • Solar control SN70/35 glass
  • Active Blue glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Acoustic glass

On both new-build and heritage projects, incorporating our bespoke Ridge Rooflight into the apex of a dual-pitch roof preserves the roofline, and ensures light continues to shine in, even as the sun arcs overhead.


As each project is bespoke, you may find the exact configuration you are looking for isn’t featured within our gallery. Our Technical Specification team have years of expertise designing and specifying bespoke roof glazing configurations to recommend the perfect solution to define and realise your architectural vision.

With every glazing installation, choosing the right specification for the glass is critical to ensure long-term performance. During the design process, we will advise you on the optimum specification for your particular installation, based on your requirements and location.


Rooflight Maintenance

A transparent protective treatment for skylights and rooflights. The once only application lasts years, cuts cleaning time and keep glass looking cleaner for longer between cleans. Untreated glass is porous and as a result it absorbs contaminants which can lead to deterioration and discoloration, making it more and more difficult to clean overtime.


  • Cuts cleaning time and assists to reduce cleaning frequency
  • Low maintenance & superior protection against staining
  • Suitable for new and existing surfaces
  • Revitalizer products not required
  • UV stable & eco friendly


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